About Platform

Robinsocialfi creates a fully open gaming social world for all types of players

Digital 3D Image

Powered by the EF Character Engine Core, we deliver high-quality realistic 3D and a fully customizable player creation system. In addition to those common player decoration features, the character configuration module in RobinPlayerCreation brings the details rely on its skin level. Players can enjoy creating and displaying their unique looks in this cyberspace. The Fashion Module allows our players to dress up their virtual selves with fully customized outfits for extra fun. This unlocks another level of creativity for the player. RobinGames' ecosystem naturally supports the transaction of player-created works under the protection of our encryption technology.


Dual Token Model

RSG is the governance token of the platform, with a total circulation of 1 billion in 5 years. Used for platform voting, game competition rewards, purchase of NFT assets, guild governance, etc.
RSGC is used for the activity incentive of the platform to realize the monetization of social behavior and game behavior